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Nova Scotia Government News: Increased Funding and Supports for Students, Op-ed

Nova Scotia Government News

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Increased Funding and Supports for Students, Op-ed

Friday 14 May 2021 09:36 AM UTC-07
Education and Early Childhood Development -- NOTE: The following is an op-ed from Derek Mombourquette, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development Over the last few days, there have been reports about school staffing for next September that are not accurate and I want to correct the record: -- no teacher is losing their job; in fact, there will be at least 70 new teachers hired -- across the province, more than 260 new school staff – psychologists, education assistants, guidance counsellors, autism support staff and more – are being hired to support students in the classroom -- overall, the provincial education budget will rise by $112 million, including $15 million more for inclusive education -- over four years, we have invested an additional $60 million in inclusive education, resulting in more than 600 new positions that have added support for students, teachers and families -- since 2013, Nova Scotia's education budget has increased by 45 per cent and created more than 1,400 new positions